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Clear Packaging Plastic Tape

This Clear Packaging Plastic Tapes is strong enough for most packing, postal or office use, while the high tack acrylic adhesive ensures it will stick to most materials.

Double Adhesive Tape

Universal Double Adhesive Tape for temporary bonding of lightweight materials.

Double Sided Tissue Tape

This user friendly Double Sided Tissue Tape will save you hours in trying to pick the backing off standard flush edge tissue tapes.

Double-sided Adhesive Tape

The Double-sided Adhesive Tape is a transparent solvent-based adhesive tape, which guarantees perfect gluing on both sides.

Kraft Paper Tape

Hand-Tearable High Adhesion Packaging Kraft Paper Tape which is made from material that can be recycled after use.

Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes can endure rough shipping and handling but is easy to open without cutting tools. It can even withstand extreme heat, cold, dust and dirt.

Packaging Transparent BOPP Tape

Packaging Transparent BOPP Tape is best suitable for floor marking sign, marking your boxes when moving or shipping merchandise.

White Paper Tape

White Paper Tape is an ideal choice for an environmentally conscious consumer.