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Bleached Greaseproof

Bleached Greaseproof 65 - 95 gsm in white color to order in large quantities.

Brown Coated Kraft Paper

Brown Coated Kraft Paper for creating natural looking food and gift wrapping.

Brown Glassine Silicon

Brown Glassine Silicon for the production of various materials according to the customer's order.

Coated Glossy Paper Roll

A Coated Glossy Paper Roll for creating luxury magazines, stationery and food packaging.

Coated Paper

Coated Paper suitable for wrapping fatty foods or creating food packaging.

Coated Paper Roll For Inkjet Printer

A Coated Paper Roll For Inkjet Printer suitable for the creation of custom advertising materials and stationery.

Glossy Coated Paper

A Glossy Coated Paper suitable for creating luxury packaging for greasy food.

Glossy Paper

Glossy Paper for making stationery and advertising materials with custom printing.

Glossy Paper Roll

Glossy Paper Roll for printing with various technologies for advertising purposes.

Glossy Waterproof Roll

Glossy Waterproof Roll for making stationery, advertising materials and food plates.

Label Paper 1s Coated

Label Paper 1s Coated suitable for pasting various boxes and packages.

One Side Coated Paper

One Side Coated Paper for food packaging to prevent leakage and grease.