Paper and Foil


Everything you need to know about Stamped Foil

All about sealing with foil. What is foil sealing? Foil stamping is a thin material that requires heat and pressure to press the foil into the paper. Once the foil is applied, the layer of foil will permanently adhere to the material. This process adds a sleek look that is sure to attract potential customers.

If you want to use stamp paper on text, for example, contact details, it is recommended that you only use it on larger items. When stamp paper is applied to delicate fonts or small design elements, the material may not be thick enough to hold the paper well. Also, if the space between thin objects is too narrow, the sheet may become full. The letter “O”, for example, may look like a solid circle.

Over the centuries, paper has been made from a wide variety of materials such as cotton, wheat straw, sugar cane waste, flax, bamboo, wood, linen rags, and hemp. Regardless of the source, you need fiber to make paper. Today fiber comes mainly from two sources — wood and recycled paper products.
Paper is composed primarily of cellulose fibers. These fibers are obtained from the processing of trees raised and cultivated on mostly private forested land. Both softwood (pine, spruce, fir, etc.) and hardwood (poplar, ash, maple, etc.)


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