Creative Papers


What is Creative Paper? Information about Creative Paper material This paper combines an elegant appearance with high opacity and is available in a wide range of attractive colours. It is thick, pleasant to the touch and durable. Ideal for posters, catalogues, calendars, book covers and trim.


Materials have the power to create an intimate relationship with inanimate objects through touch and feel and to influence human experience and emotion. Whether materials are used as a reference point or as the medium of creation itself, they are essential for artists and designers exploring new outcomes, experimenting with new techniques and seeking to evoke a unique response from their audience.

The exhibition includes works that intelligently interpret the common material of paper in a variety of media. Alongside basic techniques, the exhibition presents intriguing ways in which the unique properties of paper can be skillfully harnessed to shape specific artwork outcomes, from folding and tearing paper to create intricate shapes to burning random pieces of paper to create radical artwork elements.

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