The types of materials we trade with

Due to the huge diversity of materials, we have grouped them in groups so we can target different type of customers with a specific mailing.

At the same time we realize that we cannot cover all materials in our product groups so you can always write us with specific questions. The groups of materials we trade with are:

As we offer a huge variety of stock lot materials, we strongly advise before asking us to create an account for you to go through these steps before we send you the account:

  1. Describe what types of offers you are interested in
  2. State your delivery requirements such as nearest port
  3. Apply for credit rating with us through one of out factoring partners
  4. Send us copies of your company registration and company details
  5. Send all this information in this order to

We we send you the user name and password for your account on the same mail you have sent the inquiry from.